Vapium Summit Review
Easy to Clean
  • Easy loading
  • Easy cleaning
  • Great taste
Not Pro
  • Battery not replaceable
  • LED's are bright
  • No concentrate insert
4.1Overall Score
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Hit the trail & hit the vape

As we enter 2015 it’s the clear the vaporizer industry is maturing.  It wasn’t long ago when just finding a portable vape that actually worked and at a decent price was a challenge.  Now there’s a large handful of vapes that do a fantastic and accurate job of vaporizing your herbs. We’re seeing vapes looking to evolve beyond its basic function and fit a specific lifestyle.
Enter the Vapium Summit.  As the name suggests, this vape was designed for those that love the outdoors and need a dependable long-lasting portable.  Raging class V’s every weekend?  Shredding the B.C. backwoods on your mountain bike or snowboard?  The Summit  could be the vape you want AND need, and we aren’t just saying that because that’s how Vapium is marketing it.  This thing actually delivers.


The design is super-mindful of the situations where its going to be used.  Have gloves on? There’s a huge Power button and a rubberized grip to keep the Summit firmly planted in your hand. The oven lid has a lanyard to keep it from flying into the water or off of the chairlift. You can use the lanyard’s attachment points as a point to connect the Summit to your backpack, harness or helmet!  Don’t watch it fall 100 feet down the pitch or overboard into the water.



 The draw rate and temperature adjustment are so flexible – not something you see in many portables – you can easily find the perfect setup for your needs. 


The Summit holds a fair amount of herbs, and didn’t require any stirring during the sessions.  There are 8 heat settings, which is fantastic if you have access to many different blends that all require a different sweet spot of flavor vs. vapor. The Summit heats up in 45 seconds and its a conduction vaporizer, so instant heating is a lofty goal. We found the airpath so free-flowing that if you choose to take long draws, just bump the temp a bit.  If you like tiny repetitive sips, just turn it down a bit.  The draw rate and temperature adjustment is so flexible – not something you see in many portables – you can easily find the perfect setup for your needs. 


The first bowl was a bit off as far as flavor goes, but we found all subsequent bowls to taste like exactly what we loaded.  Higher temps seemed to warm the mouthpiece, but at the temperature ranges we used, it was never an issue.


Of course we dropped the Summit on a rock  but luckily it hit the rubber grip and caused no damage.  The Summit powered right back up and raged the rest of the chamber like a champ.  If it hits the mouthpiece, luckily that’s magnetic and super-easy to replace.


The one downside that we found?  The LED lights are too bright.  Seriously.  That’s the worst thing we can say about this vape, but if you find yourself lost in the woods at night or want to provide runway lights for a plane landing in the Amazonian jungle, your covered.


The Summit includes a full cleaning kit and USB charger as most portable vapes do, but they recognize the audience they’re marketing to and include a small dry bag!  With its only internal seam being sealed with a roll top buckle closure, you can rest assured that your day on the water won’t put your vape at risk.


We were pretty surprised with the Vapium Summit.  It’s well made, has an intelligent design, and delivered super tasty vapors.  For $149.99, its pretty hard to beat.  


Vapium Summit TECH SPECS:

  • Product Dimensions – 4.5″ x 1.1″ x 1.4″
  • Package Dimensions – 7.6 x 4.4 x 1.9″
  • Product Weight – 88g
  • Package Weight – 322g
  • Charging Options – 110v-220v USB and wall charger
  • Battery Type – Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery
  • Heating Element – Conduction
  • Vapor Path – Plastic, Stainless Steel
  • Vapor Delivery Method – Direct Draw
  • Warranty – 1 Year


VERDICT: It feels at home on the trail, on the water, & in your hand.


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