Vapolution 2.0 Vaporizer Review
Easy to Clean
  • Glass heating chamber
  • Glass herb chamber
  • EXCELLENT flavor Transfer
Not Pro
  • Glass can break easily
  • Funky design
  • Long pre-heat
3.7Overall Score
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I was forced to evolve and I’m glad I did.

Now this is a recipe for success…Glass on Glass?  Made in the USA?   Lifetime Warranty?  YOU BETCHA.  But…does it work?


Video Transcript:

Hello everyone out there in vaporland, on the vapor trail, or on a vapetastic voyage.  Today I have a review of the Vapolution…”The original glass on glass vaporizer…from Northern California!  Okay, I am sold already.  GoG?  Great.  From Northern California?  Super.  Could this challenge the top shelf plug in vaporizers?  Lets find out.

So they had me before I opened the box…but when I picked up the unit I was a bit shocked…it weighs next to nothing.  Seriously maybe one or two ounces.  Super light plastic.  They did include a car charger, which is nice.  I am sure this was for RV’ing and so forth.  There are two very rigid tubes, two wands, and NO mouthpieces.  you can only get a mouthpiece with the Premium or Ultimate versions.  Thats Dumb.



This vape is super simple, but it has some rules I didn’t like.  Plug it in, click it on, and turn the temp up to 12 o’clock.  Then let it heat up for …FIVE Minutes… .wow.  Okay that is a long time.  I don’t know of any vape that takes that long.  Damn.  Lets load the wand then.

They say you should definitely not grind your herbs before you load the wand, which uses a glass dimple to act as a screen.  I…want the most surface area possible with ground herbs,, so I adapter my setup a bit to be able to use them.  .  And, its was all I had so I didn’t have a choice.  But…a tiny bit of Cotton loaded first made it be able to accept ground herbs with no problem.

Set a timer because there is no indicator to tell you its at the correct  temp…  but when its been on long enough, insert the wand into the hole and let it rest on the washer.  Then slowly inhale, the draw isn’t great, so don’t try and rush it.

I was thinking that this thing was so light and cheap that it couldn’t possibly produce good vapors but it did@!@  They were tasty delicious, and really nice clouds.  The whip doesn’t hold much, but I was able to get 4 nice hits out of one load.  I was really impressed.  I had high expectations until I opened the box, then super low expectations, then fully rebounded into being really happy with this vape.   The glass on glass tastes great, its not terribly expensive, and is adaptable to a car charger or battery pack.  If you can deal with no mouthpiece, stiff tubing, and super thin glass…then you would be proud to own this vape.  Seriously.

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Vapolution 2.0
Cost $125.99
Heat-up time ~ 5 minutes
Style Convection
Warranty Lifetime
MFR Vapolution
Made in USA