Vapor Genie Vaporizer Review
Easy to Clean
  • No electricity Needed
  • Tastes Awful
  • Horrible user experience
  • Butane Combustion Exhaust - YUCK
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Flick your Bic

Not all Vaporizers are created equal.  The Vapor Genie is to vaporizers as MP3 CD’s are to MP3 players.  But…the format is widely known and accepted, and in a pinch, if you don’t have electricity, anyone that owns a Vapor Genie has a distinct advantage if zombies attack. This is a great fall back vape, with solid design and eventual function.  I say eventual, because it will take a spent lung just to get it going.  But once it does, it delivers as promised.  I, for one, give thanks for electricity.


The design is very simple. Just a regular bowl, and a ceramic disc attachment.

Vapor Genie Video Transcript:


Hey everybody, Vapologist here with a review of the Vapor Genie.  This is unlike any vaporizer on the market.  Instead of having a power cord, or a battery, or even a butane fuel tank, the Vapor Genie uses a ceramic disc, tempering the heat and flame from a lighter, creating a convection vaporizer.  But does this thing actually work?

Its a simple idea: you have the heat from a lighter which is obviously hot enough to combust, but how to lower that temp and lock it in a certain range?  With the use of a super dense ceramic disc of course.  Duh.    Hot air from the lighter can travel through the disc, which stores a bit of heat and tempers the  hot flow out of the lighter, as it mixes with fresh air.

After you load the bowl with ground herbs, screw on the top and start to hit the pipe with quick bursts of heat, minding never to let the flame touch the ceramics.  If you do, soot could build up in the disc.  

Eventually the temps get up high enough in the disc and the air coming out of it vaporizes your herbs!  and after you learn the proper timing, this thing actually works!  Now,  It took me 19 attempts to get a cloud like this, but eventually I coaxed it out.  Its possible, but I think I lost a lung in the process.  

Now, as for what you’re inhaling besides your herbs, is anyone guess.  The flame isn’t burning clean and its probably not pure butane either. So….since the point of vaporizing is a healthier method to ingest, I think the VaporGenie is a tough call to make.  

Yes, its not combustion, but I still get the added benefit of lighter flame exhaust, whatever that may be…?   Its cheap, yes, but just save up and get something powered.   But if Zombies attack and you are sitting with a case of lighters and a Vapor Genie, you can rest assured you will go out in partial style.  Try this vape before you buy it.  It might be for you.  

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Vapor Genie
Cost $54.99
Heat-up time < 1 minute
Style Convection
Warranty Lifetime
MFR Vapor Genie
Made in USA


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Vapor Genie
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