VaporBlunt Pinnacle Vaporizer Review
Easy to Clean
  • Fast Heating
  • Slender Design
  • Terrible Taste
  • Hot vapors
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The pinnacle of what?


The moment I saw the Pinnacle, I had high hopes for its success.  I appeared to have a nice design and was made in the USA.  The moment I took it out of the box however, the review started to go downhil and it never recovered.

Upon taking the vape out of the box, I could tell that the top cap, called the chamber cap, was loose.  This has to be removed and put back on each time you load up, and it felt like it had been worn out already.  I put it back on and tried to snap it tight, but no go.  Loosey Goosey.  I thought this was maybe just my unit, but alas, others online were posting the same thing.  I think Vapor blunt needs to step up the quality testing, these units should have never come out of the factory.

Pinnacle 2

The VaporBlunt Pinnacle



Also included with the vape were replaceable mouthpiece tips, one hard clear plastic, and one green one.  The green one is supposedly flavored, so I smelled and tasted it to see, and its definitely flavored, but the flavor wasn’t in any way pleasant.  It was not formed right either, and would have never worked anyway.  Quality Control folks…its vital.

Loading the vape is a snap, but once loaded, things didn’t get any better.  The vapors were warm, borderline hot.  FAIL.  And the taste…not something I recognize, it certainly didn’t taste like what I had loaded.  When I went to reload the vape, I didn’t it cool down completely, and the chamber that comes out was HOT.  Hasslehof!

Pinnacle Vaporizer Review 1

The ‘Bullet’ Chamber. This seemed to be well made, but nothing really came together on this vape.



My attempts to find a redeeming quality in this vape went unfulfilled.  There is a possibility that these issues were unique to my unit, but after much research online I think I am not alone.  VaporBlunt needs to go back the drawing board.

And then wipe it clean…


 Pinnacle Vaporizer
   Cost   $219.00
   Heat-up time   45 seconds
   Style   Convection
   Warranty   1yr
   MFR   VaporBlunt
  Made in   USA?


VERDICT:  Try it before you buy it. You might be sorry if you don’t.  
  • Built in the USA
  • Slender
  • Heats up quickly 


  • Vapors are hot
  • Vapors taste bad


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