Volcano Digit Vaporizer Review
Easy to Clean
  • Extremely Consistant
  • Excellent Taste
  • Simple Operation
  • 6ft. Power cord is a bit short
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Volcano Digit – Expectations Exceeded

It still amazes me that after using vapes for 10 years and as of 2013 I had never used an Volcano.  I had listened to the fanboys and naysayers, proclaim greatness and attack its very being equaly.  It is a battle that rages on to this day.  Its a battle that I watched from afar, and also up close and personally.  I became jaded, tired of the constant chatter, the reputation, the inability to own one.  There has always been one huge obstacle for me, and that is its cost.  This thing, is not cheap.  So after so many good and bad vaporizers have come before it in my collection, I finally have a Volcano.

(Entire process sped up to warp speed to show how easy it is)THis vape is from Germany, but we will get back to that in a bit.  Its a pretty large convection vape that only works by inflating bags with a forced air system.  You load your tobacco or herbs into the fill chamber, and the unit forces hot air over  and through your load and fills a bag with a one way valve.  that you then use to inhale the contents of the bag.

But wait a minute.  THis thing costs nearly $700.  That is twice, three times, four times the costs of some vapes.  Whats going on here that makes this thing so expensive? And is it worth it?


Volcano Vaporizer Review  1

The Volcano’s Mission Control



Lets head back to Germany.  Full admission, I have been fortunate enough to live in Germany for a few years of my life(I was born in Chattanooga, in case you were wondering).  We all know that BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Audi and Sometimes VW are known for having outstanding quality.  This dedication to such high standards is in no way limited to German cars, it is an approach that the german people apply to almost everything in life.  Music…notwithstanding.  But to this end, to say that something is made in Germany, well it doesn’t just mean something, it almost guarantees something.  Rock Solid reliability, smart and efficient design.

The volcano is no different.  If your a daily vapor or smoker, you absolutely, positively could not make a better investment.  Its build quality is just spot on.  Every single piece is well engineered, the design well thought out.


Volcano Vaporizer Review  2

The Aluminum Block…looks to be a size cylinder; feels like an 8…



Okay so lets break this thing down.  You have the base unit, and the SOlid Valve set, which can be ordered separately.  I also have an separate video for the Easy valve set, if you want that,  you can fast forward to this part of that video and continue.  THe solid valve set comes with ten feet of extra bag length, a removable mouthpiece, and the filling chamber.  A brush and set of screens round out the box.

Once you plug the unit in, Oh snap…houston we have a problem…the cord is only 6 ft.  for a table top unit, I think we can all agree longer is better so a 10 footer cord is tops.  Turn the unit it on an allow it to heat up.  This process will take between 2-3 minutes.  As it climbs up go ahead and load up your filling chamber with as much as you want.  You can load a little, or a lot.  Press the filling chamber insert down until its secure, but don’t pack it too tight.  If you wish,   you can use the LIQUID DISK?   When the Volcano has reached temp, go ahead and put the fulling chamber on the top, it doesn’t snap, just kinda…fits…and turn the fan on.  Allow the warm air to warm your chamber for a few seconds, and then snap the bag on.  the bag should stand tall and begin to inflate.  Within seconds you should see vapors and the bag should be full within 30 seconds.  Remove both the chamber and bag, and separate.  Set the chamber down but not back on the volcano.  A valve is keeping the bag sealed, so click in the mouthpeice and now the vapors are ready to enjoy.  I usually take the bag in two huge lungfuls, but you might get as many as five hits off of one bag.  And when I load the chamber all the way full, I am able to get 3-4 full 2 ft bags.


Volcano Vaporizer Review 4

The Solid Valve System.



Inhaling my first bag was a life changing experience.  Truly.  I have never tasted anything so true, so pure, exactly as it was meant to be.  The vapors were gentle on my throat, i barely even noticed them.  Nothing I have ever used has been as effective.  It was abslutely the pinnacle of my vaping expereince to date.  I had high expectations, and the Volcano was able to completely blow past them.  It has replaced the silver surfer as my daily driver.  That brings up an analogy I had for a friend.  Its like the SSV is a vape you drive, and the Volcano is a vape that you are driven in.  I used to call my SSV the Cadillac, but now its been relegated to a subaru.  And the Volcano…is much more like a Maybach.  Pure German awesomeness.

The only possible complaint I can muster about this thing is the cord length.  Literally can’t find anything wrong with this vape.  I thought the crinkly bag was a sound I didn’t want to introduce to my vaping experience, but now I can honestly say that when I hear it, I know something wonderful is about to happen.   If you can afford this vape, get it immediately.  If you can’t, start saving.  Its a fantastic investment in your future.


VERDICT:  The absolute BEST vaporizer money can buy!    
 Volcano Digit Vaporizer
   Cost   $659.99
   Heat-up time   ~ 3 minutes
   Style   Convection
   Warranty   3 Year, 
   MFR   Storz & Bickel
  Made in   Germany


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Best vaporizer ever!

Oct 30, 2013 by Amber
Would You Recommend It?: Absolutely 

As a medical user for fibromyalgia and polyneuropathy, I have tried many different types of vaporizers over the years- the most recent being the Herbalaire 2.0. Despite everything else on the market nothing has beat my Volcano Digit. It is sturdy and well designed for ease of use, and the easiest vaporizer by far to keep clean. The large buttons and digital display keep the controls simple.

My experience with this vaporizer has been nothing but excellent. I use much less product than combustion or edibles, and it is such a clean taste. With the digital controls and bag system you can take all the time you need and control your own dosage. You don't have to finish a bowl in one session, because you can go back and reheat it throughout the day until it's done.

The Volcano is expensive compared to others on the market, but it is definitely a great investment in your own health and wealth. It's clean vaping system always delivers an excellent burn free taste. In the long run it will more than pay for itself by not only saving you money on product, but also on repair/replacement part cost which so far for me has been nothing. If you want a top of the line vaporizer, look no further. Your wallet and lungs will thank you.


Oct 24, 2013 by Vaporist
Would You Recommend It?: Yes 

It is a Volcano, what else can I say.
Even folks that do not claim to like bags love getting the chance to sit at my Volcano.
The cost was what it was.
That is the way I see it. It is a device that can never go wrong within normal parameters.
Everyone should get the chance to try one at least once. It will hush the naysayers!

5.0 5.0 2 2 As a medical user for fibromyalgia and polyneuropathy, I have tried many different types of vaporizers over the years- the most recent being the Herbalaire 2.0. Despite everything Volcano Digit
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  • Arthur Brown

    I own a VW Jetta, and my brothers have both owned Audis, and we all think that you shouldn’t besmirch the Volcano by comparing it with these unreliable brands.

    Also in another video you mention that your solid valve Volcano leaks.

    That sounds like the German brands I know.

    I’d be interested to know if Storz and Bickel would fix their defective $669 junk. Please keep us posted.

    • http://vaporizersreviewed.com Vapeologist

      I think you are being a bit harsh, but I agree its frustrating.