Its hardly a fair fight, but I pitted the Volcano Vaporizer up against the Silver Surfer Vaporizer to see who would reign supreme. I love both of these vapes and use them equally, but the differences are vast and the results have wide margins. Take a look and let me know what you think in the comments!


Video Transcript:

Of all the vaporizers that I have tried, none have tasted better or been more effective than the Volcano and SSV, so I thought a little showdown was in order.  This isn’t about upgrades or valve styles or custom glass or who can accessorize the most.  Its just about function.  

SSV is $269 for basic silver and no upgrades.  For that you get parts sourced from china and assembled in the USA.  The glass on the SSV is mostly made in the USA.  Ground glass parts are sourced from asia.  Build quality and reliability are very good.  Despite the parts being sourced from asia, quality was chosen.  

THe Volcano costs $529 for its basic setup – nearly twice as much as the SSV.  For that you get parts sourced in Europe and Asia and the Volcano is made in germany.  The build quality on the Volcano is excellent and every single part looks built to last.  When you compare images of the two shops, its easy to see how one company focuses more on quality standards.  

Both are convection vapes, the SSV uses a ceramic rod and the Volcano uses steel encased ceramic to heat an aluminum block.  THe SSV is a direct draw vape, which only vaporizes if you are inhaling through the whip, and the Volcano has an air pump that fills a bag.   

Features  The Volcano can hold much more than the SSV and therefore can last longer than the SSV before reloading

The Volcano is essentially foolproof.  Set the temp, fill the chamber – then the bag.  Inhale.

The SSV is easy, but things can go wrong. Just fill the Wand, insert it in the vape, and inhale.  But… Its possible to combust your herbs, or to get no vaporization at all, if your personal draw rate is not in sync with the ambiguous temperature adjustment.  Its a system that has be learned.  Once you do, all is well, but when a new user tries it…be careful.  

They both heat up in about two minutes, but I find myself gravitating to the SSV when I am in a hurry, as I leave it on all the time, and I just load the wand and inhale.  Its quick and easy.  With the Volcano, it has a auto off setting after 30 minutes, and since I have never needed to hit the Volcano twice in 30 minutes, I am always waiting for it to heat up. But…I find the Volcano to be more effective than the SSV by far.  

WIth better temp regulation, the taste is slightly better than the SSV, where within one breath is sending different temps through your herbs, and that affects the taste.  The SSV has zero temp regulation

And efficiency, is not even close comparison.  I think this comparison between teh SSV and the Volcano can be summed up easily.   When I can’t get any more out of my herbs in the SSV, I  save the duff and then use it in the Volcano.  Duff that produces nearly nothing in the SSV will fill bags on the Volcano with mostly thick vapors.   

The Volcano still costs twice the amount of the SSV, so what are you getting for that extra cost? Higher quality, better taste, more efficiency.  And that more efficiency part…this is the first vaporizer that actually caused me to save money on my herbs over the long run.  Either way you go, you’re getting a great vaporizer.  Save money and master the SSV, or invest in your future with the Volcano.  

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