We found exactly what we expected, plus a few surprises! Take a look and see why the PAX 2 is so highly rated. Should you upgrade? Should you make the PAX 2 your first vape? Take a look inside and see what your getting!

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  • Dov Dov Tov

    My ax to grind with Pax is that I purchased 2 of their Pax units all confirmed authentic. I didn’t like it one bit. I purchased the second because I thought these reviews can never be wrong, the overwhelming acclaim to the Pax is hard to not take into consideration. Conclusion: The masses are asses.

    #1 Plastic parts everywhere. Plastic taste never goes away, and plastic is toxic. Metal and glass tastes superb. How can anyone grade the Pax highly? Don’t judge by its cover. The Pax inside is all you need to know. Google images, inside a pax unit. Plastic and more plastic. Metal and glass tastes superb. Namely the Arizer Solo and Air, battery on bottom, Scientific Grade heating element (that is one heck of a solid piece, looks like it performs and lasts forever, oven (Scientific level of metal, and Glass. Glass and Metal. You taste the herb and nothing else. The Magic Flight, Wood, Metal, Glass, awesome performance and taste. The battery, heating chamber and mouth piece are sol close it is unbelievably potent. Speaking of potency the Arizer Solo / Air is the best, it produces like my premium at home unit. It is a at home replacement. I am pretty sure most people will agree. While the other portable you have to really curb your expectations and remember these are portable. Not with the Magic Flight ($119) or the Solo / Air ($259). These are just two, you can find a much better portable vape, just do your research.

    #2 Only 3 heating settings on the Pax. For $250 bucks I want more settings for my preferred

    #3 This is the most glaring point. Is it a coincidence that they recommend Glycerol Oil to lubricate the tube from the oven? Glycerol oil is what is used for most essential oil and creates big puffs. So Pax should be more up front, instead of getting everyone all hyped up about what a good vaporizer it is based on its excellent cloud production. I don’t like oils because anything adding to a fine herb will degrade it. Also since I choose to vape which is the best way, it because of the health benefits, many people want to not going with the essential oils because how healthy can it be to inhale glycerol oil? they only recommend the oil to lubricate the tube (total 100% BS), a few drops of glycerol oil will make clouds for quite a few sessions. To make sure I am correct, I tried the oils a couple of times and my sinuses and glands got pretty swollen. When I used the Pax its the same reaction. What might seem like a negligent amount of glycerol oil, is really a very large dosage when it comes to interaction with the bud, and its potency.

    #4 Proprietary power charger. Makes things a lot less portable. You cant use while you charge. Your limited to one hour and wait till you get home to charge, unless you brought the charger with you, which takes away from the portability. Big Strikeout.
    I conclude by saying I hope my insight has helped others to steer clear away from the Pax. Its a beautiful cover but the inside is smoke and mirrors and plastic.

  • vaporizersreviewed

    Damn. Now I’m hungry again. Pax Panini’s on deck.