What’s inside the volcano vaporizer?  Exactly what you would thing.  Efficient construction, high-quality parts, and one hell of an air pump.  I do think that the screen at the top of the unit could be a tighter mesh, as much debris was falling through.


Video Transcript:


Hey everybody, Vapologist here, and today I wanted to answer a question that has been bugging me for awhile, ‘what exactly is inside the volcano?’. So, lets take the cover off and see what makes this vape so awesome.

You will need a T-10 security torx bit with a hole in the center of the bit if you ever want to see for yourself. And I think this voids your warranty, so I would contact Storz and Bickel if you really think you need to get in there.

With the three nuts removed, The top dome moves a bit, but not too far, the tolerances on the all the wires are pretty tight. I am just in for a little peek, so I am not going to unplug anything.

Here is the hose system, one intake that feeds a liquid fail valve, then enters the pump. Then out of the pump and into the heating chamber.

THe heating chamber is an aluminum block, encased in ceramics, which is wrapped in stainless steel. Its a big chunk of aluminum, no wonder it stays so consistent.

THe air pump looks industrial strength, exactly what I expected to see in the volcano. I hope it lasts for many years, but it does look replaceable.

All of the wiring is very well done, and all the components look to be of high quality. The design really isn’t that complicated, simplicity won out with outstanding engineering.

You can see that your herbs can fall down into the unit, a slight drawback. I think a tighter screen up top might help reduce this and still allow sufficient airflow. a quick brush and air blast and its good to go.

I have seen instances of kinked hoses and super dusty insides, so with regular maintenance you should be blasting bags for years.

Pop the cover back on , and we will check the air filter on the bottom and make sure its still clean, make sure the flapper valve here looks good, and then tighten the screws well, and you are ready to rock!